#followfriday Week 3 Recommendations

Another week has passed and boy have I been tweeting it up! I am excited because @mentallyinked had thought about doing this too, we will see, if you want you can check out her blog at Mentally Inked.

This week I have 10 users that I feel you should check out and follow if you feel they are a good fit for a Twitter connection for YOU … I already know they are awesome!!

  1. @momdot – I love the support I have gained from being a member of the MomDot Forum. Although originally I didn’t know what to think of Trisha she has amazed me with her honesty and support!
  2. @keepinitcheap – Great support, we normally intereact on the MomDot Forum but occasionally we do get to tweet and she has a great blog called Faithfully Frugal and Free.
  3. @exirodrigo – Great support, fun tweets and a very interactive Twitter friend.
  4. @RealLifeSarah – I love this girl – she is funny, suportive and just a down right awesome girl to interact with! She does a lot you can check her website out to learn more and please follow her!
  5. @frugalgirl - Great supportive friend, we have interacted on Twitter and email as well. She was a blog reader turned friend! I love tweeting with her!
  6. @pricousins – Great friend, I interact with her on Twitter and FB. Great person and love her blog too!
  7. @cjmgrafx – Long time Twitter friend who pops up every once in awhile to chit chat with me. Love the support and his photography is amazing!
  8. @psmom – What can I say?! She toasted coffee with me the other morning on Twitter … awesome!!
  9. @RachelFerrucci – This girl just rocks!! She is funny, smart and a great friend!
  10. @knitpurlgurl – Great person to interact with, love the support and friendship!

There you have it! I am off to The Big Apple Circus today with the family but can’t wait to get back and share all the photos and good stories!!

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