No Fashion Sense Mama With Girly Girl

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I am not much of a girly girl, I can be if I must dress up for something or am attending a special event but overall I seem to be a mix and am often told I am “like one of the guys”. With that being said my daughter is seriously a girly girl and going to be into the latest fashion trends I am sure, and she wants to live in NYC when she grows up, she’s only 7 so I don’t know maybe her mind will change as she gets older.

I am a mother who knows little about fashion but my daughter can tell me the latest in fashion, she even thinks hair colors of other females are cool. She hasn’t asked to die her hair yet and I am thankful for that. We’ve had a cell phone discussion, basically the fact that she isn’t going to have one but I am sure one day we will have to have the talk about hair dying and how she isn’t having it!

I have seen hair extensions on actresses and think most of them can pull it off, I do like the fashion of the world but reality is I would be lost on where to shop and what would work for my body or face type.  As a mother of a girl I am sure I should get on top of fashion trends soon so that I can keep up with the latest styles for hair and body. Living in a small town and growing up in a small town leaves you outside of the real world fashion trends but since I do blog and interact with other bloggers I know that if I wanted to find the latest in fashion trends I could simply do a little searching online.

Question for Thought: Are you up to date on the latest fashion trends? Are you a girly girl or not? Do you have a daughter who just has to have the latest for her hair and makeup?

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  1. Not much of a fashionista, but do try to keep up with what’s fresh by buying a pieces & accessories every season. I don’t have a big budget, so sales & bargains are always the main deciding factor. What also helps is to work around basics, e.g. black pants, white t-shirt, nice pair of jeans, etc.

    My daughter being special needs, I don’t know if I’ll experience her going through the girly-girl phase. Sounds like a lot of fun though. Your daughter has quite a dream… I hope she follows them.

    Fun post Brandy!

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