Cards for A Child Writes & Autism Awareness

My daughter is a member and has already been matched with a penpal at A Child Writes. She just loves the site so much and has been excited to even be able to hear back from her penpal already! Dwan Perrin matched my daughter up with the perfect penpal, they have very similar interests! One of the happenings at A Child Writes is that each month there is an awareness and you can do crafts or this month in particular is cards for children with Autism. My daughter was all too happy to submit her cards, she made three of them that had positive little sayings on them to brighten the days of autistic children everywhere!


It was fun to watch her eyes light up when I told her that she would be making another child’s day brighter! A Child Writes is a great site for children their mission is pretty simple but I am sure something you can all agree with and support, “Our mis­sion is to nour­ish the minds of our chil­dren by bring­ing them together in a safe envi­ron­ment work­ing towards a com­mon goal and edu­cate them on impor­tant causes in order to shape strong communities.


So if you haven’t checked out A Child Writes yet I am thinking that you should and remember to have your child send in their cards to A Child Writes so that they can help brighten the day of autistic children everywhere!

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  1. Hi – just came across your blog. I love that your child has a pen pal. What a great way to make friend and keep up on the writing skills! And all for a good cause. Fabulous!
    Also, I love that you’re able to work from home. I can imagine it’s still hectic, but your kids probably appreciate you being there for them!

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