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I have seen many people get addicted to various virtual games that can be played with friends online, one game that you can do is play bingo online which seems pretty neat. I have always wanted to play bingo but never understood the bingo terms of how to play the game and honestly as a single work at home mother of three I would more than likely be open to playing online versus trying to get out there to a local bingo event.

There are so many online bingo sites and one thing to be certain of is to know your budget, do not overspend! I can see how easy it would be to get addicted to bidding money and trying to make money playing bingo online, however, as with any game that requires any form of betting or money to be played in the game you must be aware of your family budget. I know budgeting allows me to have some extra fun time but I have to be certain to not overspend.

I love the idea of bingo, I recall as a little girl playing bingo with my sister for fun, we had this bingo game board and little chips we would play but I think my sister used to always cheat on board games so it got old. I bet she would have something different to say about that comment though! Overall bingo seems to be a fun and entertaining game.

Question for thought: Have you played bingo online or in a local setting in your home town? What do you think of online game playing?

Disclosure: this is a sponsored post, however, the opinions expressed are that of my own 100%.

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