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If you are not familiar with what #followfriday is, it’s a day on Twitter, obviously Friday, when everyone recommends you follow someone. Now some people like to just toss out who ever they feel like but to me, I prefer to recommend those that have made an impact on my life. Even virtual friendships can be huge and I am thankful for many of the friends (and more) that I have listed in this post. I plan to do a #followfriday post every Friday as a way to better give thanks in more than 140 characters and hopefully allow you all to find great people to follow on Twitter. Of course if you are not following me, feel free to do so, I haven’t been tweeting as much as I used to but you can find me on Twitter either from my Blackberry or Firefox browser. I will only do 10 each week, so if you didn’t make the list this week I may just tweet about you later or include you on next weeks list!

Here we go, in no particular order:

  1. @mommadjane – if you have been a reader of my blog you will know that this girl is an amazing single mom of three and is my best friend. We had never met but formed a special friendship bond like no other. We did finally meet in July 2009. Although we haven’t talked nor tweeted much lately she is a very supportive person who I can highly recommend you follow if you are interested in interacting with a supportive, single, work from home mother of three who also is a blogger.
  2. @paintermommy – this girl and I go way back, we used to read each others blogs almost daily but life happens and she has recently had somethings going on with a new baby and the not so great weather. I hope her family is safe and I wish there was something I could do for her. She is a virtual assistant, a graphic design person and a blogger. Her tweets are encouraging to me and she often makes me smile.
  3. @CuteMonsterDad – is a great person who often makes me laugh. We do not tweet on a daily basis but I enjoy it when I get a DM for an update on the site. They are a great resource for Dads.
  4. @jess_benton – a blog reader turned great friend! She recently helped me get rid of my featured content gallery and update my background on my blog to a solid color. I text this girl, I tweet this girl and I talk with her via email and Google Chat. She is an amazing, supportive work at home website designer and blogger. I know she makes me laugh often!
  5. @CreativeJunkie – now I do not tweet this girl much but as a member of the MomDot Forum she is often found leaving comments and interacting with me through the forum. She is a very bright person and I hope to increase our friendship this year, her blog is awesome!
  6. @momspective – this girl is awesome – Julie?! Don’t know her, YOU SHOULD. I often talk more on Facebook with her than Twitter. Met her through the whole Wii Mommies thing but have enjoyed keeping in touch with her. She is a riot and can often be found telling you whatever is on her mind even if you wonder why she is sharing it with you! She’s a great blogger and you should really follow her to get in on the funny conversations!
  7. @jeffmello – we started talking because he is from New England and I think he is a very supportive person. He can be found tweeting about sports most often but is very interactive and I think if you like his tweet timeline you should certainly follow him. He is a long time follower of mine (actually friend) on Twitter.
  8. @justmalia – now this girl is so positive, I love her attitude and although I don’t tweet with her much I enjoy chatting with her whenever I get the chance. She is a great blogger and a Channel Editor at Blissfully Domestic.
  9. @angiestrader – very inspirational person to be following. She always has a way to make you think positive and keep your mood high.
  10. @PamelaMKramer – a long time tweeter of mine, I met her through Happy Panda where you can get your kids tagless clothing, my Baby K still wears his onesie he got from the gift certificate I won. She is a very sweet person and although we do not tweet daily, when we do tweet she is an amazing supportive woman!

There you have it! This first #followfriday week of recommendations. I am sure to be doing some shout outs through out the day of more but this is the main 10 for this week. Until next week … catch @brandyellen on Twitter to get ahold of me! Off to get some work done! Have a fantastic Friday friends!

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  3. Amanda (37 comments) says:

    I really like the idea of a #Followfriday post the way you did it here. Sometimes 140 characters just isn’t enough.

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  6. Dawn (Painter Mommy) (101 comments) says:

    What an honor to be mentioned on your site for #FollowFriday! We sure do go way back. I can remember when we were both just starting out with the whole blogging thing. I really cannot believe how far you have come in becoming a great virtual friend and professional blogger. I really look up to you. It has been such a blessing to get to know you and read so many of your wonderful posts.

    I am so sorry I have been out of the loop lately. You are right, things have been crazy. I hardly have time to read my favorite blogs or even write on my own. My focus has been trying to further my business because right now we REALLY need the money. But once things settle down a bit and we find a place to live, I look forward to getting back to it.

    Thanks again for the wonderful mention. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

    .-= Dawn (Painter Mommy)´s last blog ..Too Busy to Blog? =-.

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