Where Do I Find Info About Blogging?

I get that question all the time, well first I usually share information on blogging support here but haven’t been doing as much of it lately. Feel free to browse that category! Another resource I use is Top Mom Blogger which helps show you how to make money with your blog. One site that I have been completely addicted to is ProBlogger, he spells out everything from Adsense to how to write good posts to gaining comments. I subscribed to his blog a long time ago!

One of the biggest ways to start building your blog is to blog network, yes visit bloggers, find bloggers, and comment like crazy. I don’t mean stop by and just leave stupid comments that have absolutely no value but real meaningful comments! Take time to read the bloggers post in it’s entirety and really find a way to relate to the post, add relevant feedback to it, or just leave your comment about what you thought. Don’t just leave a comment that has nothing to do with the blog post topic!

Entrecard is a great way to gain traffic and comments, I drop 100 to 300 per day and it really has helped increase my visitors, subscribers and comments.  Be true to who you are and everyone will eventually find you and your site. Be sure to be up on Twitter and if possible Facebook as well. Set up Networked Blogs too! Any social media advice can be found on my Examiner Social Media Expert page, so that may help lead you in the right direction with social media as it pertains to business and blogging!

Before you do anything you need to be sure you have Google Analytics or Get Clicky set up on your site so you can track your traffic sources. If you are not reviewing where traffic is coming from then you could be wasting your time on sites that you don’t need to be visiting!

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