MR Direct Brand Sinks

As most of you know I am always looking for new remodeling products for my home because there are so many things at my house I would just love to do. Give me a budget to work with and I would replace nearly everything in this house as well as add another two bedrooms if possible! Today I want to talk a bit about the stainless steel sinks found on MR Direct’s website.

I am looking at some of the sinks on the site and finding that I would love to have their 3121L stainless steel sink for my kitchen as I would love to have a small side and a larger side. I currently have an older sink that is stained and ugly. The current sink does have two sides but both are the same size, for some reason I have always loved the looks of a smaller side and larger side when it comes to a kitchen sink.

The bathroom sink could use a replacement one as well and for the bathroom I am thinking MR Direct’s 465 circular stainless steel bar sink, although it may be a little too small I love the circular style! My current sink in the bathroom is a blue color and I believe it’s porcelain material, yuck! I can’t wait to someday be able to remodel my home interior to include some new stainless steel sinks!

Question for thought: What items are you interested in using in your home remodeling efforts? Did you see anything on MR Direct that reminded you of a sink you need to replace or want to replace?

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