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A really interesting question comes to mind all too often, is there such a thing as too many forms of revenue? I have to answer my own question with a no, however, when you start blogging and realize you can earn a little bit of revenue with multiple affiliate programs and sponsored tweets you can get into more programs than you are ready to promote.

I am currently an affiliate for multiple websites including but not limited to Amazon Associates, Logical Media, Sponsored Tweets, MyLikes and Blogvertise. I have some favorites that I like to go visit daily to see if there are any new sponsored posts or tweets and today I wanted to share with you places that have allowed me to start earning a revenue from my blog by including keywords within topics I would already be writing about.

Blogvertise is by far the site I earn the most from when it comes to paid posts, you can earn money simply by completing tasks assigned to you or check your profile daily for a grab bag. A grab bag is a task that other people have declined to complete and it is now an open task for you to accept. Payments on Blogvertise take 30 days to receive payment and I will let you know how well that works, as my first payment will not release until early next week. I am new to using Blogvertise after finding it on another website that listed to places to earn revenue through paid posts, but already have a nice amount of revenue accumulated!

Sponsored Tweets has worked very well for me, although not my top earning place, I am starting to see a revenue come in from referrals and this is a great place to get high payments for your tweets. Your suggested price is dependant upon your Twitter influence but you can also set your own price. Sponsored Tweets usually has ads from great companies and products unlike some other sponsored tweet sites that only spam your followers. Since I started I have earned a fairly decent revenue and am still earning from my referrals who use this program. You get paid once your account has hit $50 by requesting a withdrawal directly to your PayPal account.

MyLikes is a fairly new program I am trying, honestly I signed up for this site a long time ago but let it sit there and did nothing with the site. I was very confused at first because you only get paid per click on sponsored MyLikes. For every person who signs up you get $3-$4 depending upon what is going on with the site, for example they are having a contest now that pays you $4 per referral and you get a chance to win an Apple iPad or MacBook Pro. MyLikes is unique in that it pays out every Friday directly to your PayPal account as long as you have at least $2 in your earnings summary. Last week I was paid $26.16, so it’s certainly a great site to join if you can add this to your to do list and check in every morning. You are only able to tweet once per day but can also share your sponsored likes in a widget for your blog sidebar (see my Ask Brandy Ellen blog sidebar), and you can create sponsored blog posts with the sponsored MyLikes.

Amazon Associates is a great tool because Amazon is a very popular site to purchase items from, the revenue is dependant upon how many people actually click on your referral link and buy products from the site. I probably earn around $1 per week here, occasionally more. This is not the highest earning site for me, but others have banked using Amazon affiliate links.

Logical Media is a great place to earn pay per click and lead revenue from a variety of sites, but again this is not one of my top earnings. Since doing this program I have made just over $6. I can’t really take this amount as a low ball figure since I have recently started using the program again, and others do make decent revenue from this site, it’s all a matter of what your niche is. If you offer coupons and savings for your readers I know you will make a decent revenue using Logical Media.

Some more sites I enjoy earning revenue from are  Sponsored Reviews as they pay out bi-weekly no matter what you earned,and  ReviewMe is a decent site to earn some extra revenue and they payout when your account reaches a minimum of $25. I will keep my eyes out on all the other programs I joined in January to see how they pay out, I know Social Spark is a great place to earn revenue and they have a great community of advertisers as well as bloggers. Maybe join a few of the sites I mentioned here today and if you are already a member add these sites to your to do list and check them daily, you can always write a blog post and schedule it or use affiliate links in every blog post somewhere to ensure you are creating the potential for extra revenue everyday!

Earning extra income for your household can be an easy process and you can make money from your blog without turning it into a walking advertisement. I admit sometimes I over do it and have too many paid posts in a day, that is not my mission, my mission is to be conscious of what posts are going up and if I can incorporate anything paid into the planned content I will do so. For now I enjoy offering a variety of subjects on my blog and I will continue to share with you my top earning sites so that you can succeed in earning revenue from home just like I have.

Do you currently earn revenue from any affiliate programs or pay per click sites? I would be curious to see what programs work for you!

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  1. I love this post! I have just started getting more serious about sponsored & affiliate earnings. I have been most successful with Sponsored Tweets so far. I have yet to earn anything through Amazon but I plan on going back and adding links to all my older posts, that may help.
    I just signed up for MyLikes and it looks interesting. I’ve been signed up for Social Spark for awhile but haven’t really looked at until recently. I have my first post for them coming up soon on Purex and hope I do it right so I get paid!
    I’m going to sign up for the few here that I don’t have an account with as well so thank you for sharing!
    .-= HenriettaN´s last blog ..Wizz-e online book review & giveaway =-.

  2. My new year’s resolution was to take my affiliate efforts up a notch. I mostly feature related ebooks from ClickBank and Commission Junction, because the commission tend to run at 50% or higher. I have found that to just post an affiliate link is not enough to convert ads to sales. I write reviews as part of the process and if I can offer a free chapter first, that works well too. This method is way more time consuming than when I used to just post ads to author’s sales page, but I do get way more sales.

    I appreciate your scoop on sponsored tweets, because with all the spam on twitter it’s hard to know who is using what (and I don’t want to be an evil spammer) Thanks for sharing.
    .-= Tina t´s last blog ..Love and Valentine’s Day =-.

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