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Not that long ago I had thought about whether or not there was a site online much like a dating site where you could find friends, rather than relationships. I mean here I was a married mother of three and neither of us had any really close friends. I thought it would be great to meet new people that are married or in a relationship and have children so that we could get together once in a while, let the kids play together and have some adult conversations. I never found a site that offers that, but if you are looking to meet people and recently single or still single and searching for that perfect person, then there are sites for you.

Whether you are looking to make new friends or searching the world for your soul mate or at least the “perfect for you” mate I am sure you will find a website that is able to match you up based on various characteristics and specific qualities you prefer in a partner. I used to try dating sites back in my pre-married years and I found some of my bestest friends on dating sites, believe it or not. Even if the person you meet online isn’t someone you see yourself building an intimate relationship with, there is always room for more friends in your life, right?

So someday I hope to see a site that allows dating and married couples to find others who are in a relationship that want to get together and play cribbage or poker whatever the interests are, but for now all the sites I see are about meeting new people and making connections online when you are single, which is great for the single person of course!

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  1. I was pleasantly surprised last week when I took my 19 month old to a play room at the library. I forgot what it was like to have a conversation with someone I didn’t already know! IT WAS NICE!

    You’re right! Having a site like the one you are talking about would be great! Maybe that could be your new business!

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