Do You Drink Wine?

I am certainly not a huge wine person, I am more into the cheap Arbor Mist and occasionally drink it, but as a busy Mom I often have no time for anything except being Mom. I remember on my wedding day my father brought his home made elderberry wine and that was so good. Up until our wedding day I never even owned a wine glass but now I have so many that I think  a wine glass rack would be a perfect way to store them, rather than wondering if they will break in my kitchen cabinets.

Have you ever looked at or do you own any wine glass racks? They are gorgeous and look like something only the rich would be able to afford. I haven’t ever seen one in person but they are just absolutely amazing!

I love the idea of a hanging wine wine glass rack this would be great for the glasses I saved from our wedding day, even though I gave away most of the glasses (which I can thank Freecycle for even having at my wedding) I still saved a few of them such as the ones I let my children use for juice and the ones my husband and I used that day for our elderberry wine.

I am just in awe over the quality and designs of wine glass racks, it makes me want to get one and some more glasses to help make my home look a bit more fancier!

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