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I have a friend who was looking for Homeowners Insurance Somers, CT and they were talking to me online about their search for homeowners as well as Life Insurance Somers, CT. I could give them some advice as far as what they needed to have included in their homeowners insurance, at least from a New Hampshire residents perspective, however, it was hard to lend state specific advice to them on homeowners insurance.

I haven’t ever had a life insurance plan other than what has been offered to me from previous out of the home work positions, and honestly I don’t know a whole lot about those types of plans. I know that another friend of mine has life insurance for her family, and I completely understand the need to have a life insurance plan, so my friend continued on in her search and looked for Life Insurance Tolland, CT.

Has anyone who reads my blog have a clue about insurance for homeowners and life insurance? Is there a difference in policies between states so close such as New Hampshire and Connecticut? I would love to hear some advice on how you determined to go with a specific company or plan when it came to choosing the right homeowners and life insurance polices for your family.

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