Week 2: 52 To Fab What Girl Needs

52 to Fabulous

This week I am to focus on “What a Girl Needs” and I must place within each category something I need, if the need is not there then I can skip it!

January – Fabulous Beginnings

I am not sure what I need in this particular category, maybe a new beginning in an area of my life I can’t really state openly. So I will continue with my personal journal where I jot down notes to focus on building myself up to have the strength for the new beginning I need.

February – Fabulous Organization

I need to organize my bill rack into overdue, important and needs to be paid as well as write needs to be paid bills on my calendar so that I do not forget to pay them.

March – Fabulous Fitness

I need to lose some weight in order to lower my blood pressure, I am sure diet will help with that too. I need to lose the extra belly fat from having babies so that my back pain will go away too.

June – Fabulous Fun

I need to let lose every once in a while and go out with someone, even if it’s just my sister (since she is the only person I know who may go out with me) and have fun. I also need to let go and be silly more often with the kids. This is a need because it will help keep me happy and my family happy.

August – Fabulous Finances

I need to set up my budget sheet again for the New Year and continue to stick with it, after all I was paying my bills on time when I had it set in place before.

September – Fabulous Family

I need to step back and focus more on family game night, family rules and family chore charts. This will create a happier, more organized family which will hopefully create a happier family environment.

October – Fabulous Health

This goes with Fabulous Fitness. Read up there.

November – Fabulous Home

I need to find a better way to make good use of the small space we have. Such as using more shelving on the walls to get items up off our floor and removing unwanted or not used items to allow for more space in my home.

December – Fabulous Blogging

I plan to write more from the heart and keep the focus on the real me, stop trying to blog completely, one hundred percent positive because reality is I need to get the well rounded ME out on paper in order to move forward in a positive direction.

We were suppose to have worked on at least one of our wants from last week, I have been working on becoming financially independent. Tracking my revenue earned from my blog, signing up for new affiliate programs.  I even applied to be a writer for my local Examiner this past week. I am on my way to becoming financially independent. Found out I have doubled my earnings from November and that my friends is exciting!! I am still not 100% where I want to be, but I am showing great financial progress.

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