Week 1 52 to Fabulous: Fab Beginnings

This is my first week participating in 52 to Fabulous, I just love the positive ring to that, don’t you? I am forced to focus on my wants this week rather than my needs, which I will admit is very hard for me. I haven’t been one to ever focus on anything I simply want, it’s always been about my family’s needs, but I can do this!

I have a picture of me in my varsity cheerleading outfit from at least ten plus years ago and I find myself thinking back to the size 8 I was then and oh how fat I thought I was. Now here I am a size 15 and I don’t feel all that fat, but I do long to be back in that size 8. After having three children and just two of them exactly 2 years and 6 days apart my body has certainly not been happy and it’s decided to slack off a bit. So I really want to lose 85lbs, don’t really care what size that puts me in, as long as it gets my BMI back down to a healthier level.

I want to be financially independent, this isn’t a bad thing. Some woman love being that stay at home mother while the husband works outside of the home but I enjoy being able to feel confident regardless of how hard my husband works knowing that I can pay my own bills should something happen to our relationship or to him while he’s out working. I want to know that no matter what I am financially free from anyone, it’s just something I long to feel again.

I want to be more focused on potty training my son who turned 3 in August and doesn’t have any interest in using the big boy potty. I admit it’s my fault for not focusing all possible efforts on encouraging him and I want to make the encouragement of potty time a focus for him during the day while I am home with him. I have slacked because quite simply changing a diaper with this defiant three year old is easier than trying to talk him into shooting cheerios in the toilet bowl.

I want a touch PC, I love the new HP one and I would bow down to all if that was something I could have in my pretty little hands! I think the HP Touch PC would be a fantastic addition to my small home as a way to save space, not to mention I am sure it’s way more energy efficient than my current beast of a custom PC.

I want to learn to love the little things again, to love everything around me and to focus on that love in a way that allows me to laugh again at all the little things. I long to laugh so hard I cry while crawling around with my children. I have allowed the stress of other situations get in the way of Mommy and children laughter time and it’s time I laughed again.

I want to remember to exercise on the Wii Fit and EA Sports Active every day to ensure I lose that 85lbs this year!

There you have it, I know I am not super creative but man it was hard to come up with “wants”.

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  1. These are great! I know I have the same problem with coming up with wants too. I think I may jump in on this, I think it is great OFF to check it out 🙂
    .-= Chrissy´s last blog ..2010 Eccentric WAHM’s Goals =-.

  2. We just did the potty training. The sticker chart got old after a bit. But I did a reward system with a giant empty pretzel jar and fuzzy pom poms. She got 1 for a pee and 2 for a poop and when it was filled above the line I drew she could pick out a toy. And oddly enough she was so enthused by the pom pom she forgot about the toy.

    And thinking of the money you’ll save not buying diapers or pull ups!

  3. Very nice, well those might as well be very specific goals for this year, although im not one who follows resolutions to a T, or even one for that matter, i do support people who at least have the intention, especially healthwise.
    .-= PorkStar´s last blog ..2010, new year and a lame untittled post. =-.

  4. You have some great goals. And hopefully looking at them one at a time will make them seem more manageable. Thanks for playing along! I think it’s going to be a great year!
    .-= Linda´s last blog ..52 to Fabulous! Week 1, What a Girl Wants =-.

  5. Those are all great wants! I know you will get everything you deserve and more because you’re such a great person!

    Best wishes to you on 52 to Fab! I am participating too =)

  6. I need to work on my BMI, as well. I sure do miss the good ol’ days, you know, before BMI was invented by some hair-brained MAN!!!!! 😉 Hehe.

    Looking forward to seeing what you do this year!
    .-= Desiree @ Writing to Sanity´s last blog ..52 to Fabulous: Week 1 =-.

  7. If it would help you, I find that tweeting about it to #easactive and #mamavation everytime I get done working out keeps me motivated and helps me remember to do it. And writing about it every Monday for #mamavation as part of the sistahood pledge helps me become accountable to my own fitness goals.

    You’re on the right track… Keep it up!
    .-= Fitness Family´s last blog ..Fitness Family 2010 =-.

  8. I remember way back when I was in High School and wore I size 7, I thought I was fat. Now several sizes bigger (100lbs overweight) I really need to lose this weight. I never lost the weight I gained by having a 12lb 2.5oz baby. Now that he is almost 18 I really need to lose this weight.
    .-= Joyful´s last blog ..Chocolate Lovers Ideal Fictional Book =-.

  9. Hi Brandy! I am participating in 52 to Fab too! These are some great goals! I totally feel you on ALL of them. Well except the potty training. …Unless you think 14 months is old enough to start. lol 🙂 Hope we can support each other in achieving some of them! ((hugs))
    .-= Erin´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday – Stuck =-.

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