Tuna Is Healthy For You

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I asked my daughter today what her favorite dish that has healthy tuna in it was  and she stated Macaroni salad, and I have to agree. I call my macaroni salad “brain food” because I seem to play better at chess while eating it. No joke! It’s our household joke and I still think it’s hilarious! I make my macaroni salad with cooked elbow macaroni, tuna, onions and mayonnaise. My daughter doesn’t eat the onions in it but my three year old eats it just the way Mama makes it!

I didn’t realize that tuna is actually really healthy for you. While pregnant with my children it seems the subject of not eating tuna came up with all three pregnancies and by the time I was pregnant with my third child they were finally telling me that it is okay to eat a certain amount of tuna each day. In fact my OBGYN recommended I eat certain levels of it, but what I didn’t realize is that there have actually been scientific studies that state seafood can actually boost babies brains.

This specific study stating that eating seafood daily can boost babies brains goes on to explain that researchers followed over 25,000 Danish mother/child pairs to assist in determining the overall effect of fish intake during pregnancy. Each mother was then later asked about their child’s developmental milestones such as crawling and talking. The woman who had at least 2 ounces per day (the highest level of fish intake) had children 25% more likely to have higher developmental scores at 6 months and that percent increased to 30% at 18 months. (source Healthy Tuna)

It is interesting to see studies showing that not only is it safe to eat Tuna while pregnant but that show an increase in brain development in babies who were born to mothers who had on average 2 ounces of seafood intake per day.

Did you eat Tuna during pregnancy or were you told it was not safe to eat?

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