Top 10: Gross Things Kids Do

Top 10 Tuesdays

This week I am listing Top 10 Gross Things Kid’s do, seriously you have seen at least one kid do one of the following at one point in your life or heard about it .. unless I am the only weird one, maybe I hang out in the wrong places

  1. Pick their nose and eat it.
  2. Stick their finger in the back of their diaper. (need I say more?)
  3. Pick up a piece of food off the floor covered in cat or dog hair and place it in their mouth to eat it.
  4. Dump their food in trash and then realize they were not done, proceeds to eat it out of trash.
  5. Throws spaghetti sauce at you while you are enjoying your dinner.
  6. Back washes in your drink.
  7. Sneezes in your face.
  8. Spitting at people, objects or pets.
  9. Fingers in mouth immediately after petting a smelly dog.
  10. Thinking a cat box is a sand box (that’s plain unhealthy).
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