Always Looking For Savings

One of the ways I am trying to be more of a frugal shopper is by using  Free Coupons.  I am not a “coupon clipper” so you will not find me sitting down each and every week going through online resources and newspapers to find coupons for all the products I buy. I am the type of person who may search for a coupon site, clip coupons that come directly from the manufacture such as Coupons for Home Depot, but other than that I simply use Google search engines to find coupon sites for me whenever I feel the urge to save money.

I have seen the amount of money coupon clippers have saved, they usually can purchase their normal every day products for pennies and sometimes even free. I am in awe over how they do it, to think you are raising a family and yet you still can find time to price match and get those coupons clipped for your family. I was going to say that’s crazy but then I realized the correct term for those who live on coupons is “thrifty” and “talented”.

Another way I have learned to be more frugal is in the area of going out to eat. My family loves going out to dinner, although we have cut back on going out to restaurants recently due to the income reductions, but when we do try to go to a place I will use my favorite search engine, Google, to find coupons for Restaurants. Chances are if I can find a good enough coupon for a local restaurant than I will take my family out as a special treat on occasion.

Honestly I think the best way to save money is to find free coupons online, it has worked for others, it has worked for me and I am proud to start learning more about coupons and living a more frugal life. What are some ways you have found to save money?

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  4. lorrie (28 comments) says:

    I;ve tried those coupon sites and they don’t seem to work for me i download the software then somehow it doesn’t wanta print wierd

  5. brandyellen (379 comments) says:

    I am very sorry Lorrie, I have had good luck with many coupon sites. I am not sure, maybe they are not compatible to print with your computer? I have no clue I am not totally a techy person! LOL

  6. Tina T (52 comments) says:

    I definitely prefer online coupons to scouring through the newspaper. I do have friends that are tremendous coupon clippers, but they often buy in huge quantities and store a tremendous amount in order to get the big savings. That’s just not me. I do go through the coupon clipper books for restaurants, so those usually offer a pretty big savings. I never thought of Googling restaurant coupons, I’ll definitely give that a try.
    .-= Tina T´s last blog ..The Biggest Dating Mistake Women Make =-.

  7. Betty N (95 comments) says:

    I love finding restaurant (even fast food places) that my husband and I can have lunch. We are retired and eat our big meal at lunch so this works well for us. We have found “Buy one, get one meals at Dennys and Sweet Tomatoes as well as a number of other great offers for us…even a free kid’s meal works for me!

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