What Do You Look For When Renting?

I have moved so much in my 28 years of life, it seemed once I was 17 years old I wanted out of my parents house and to be on my own. Little did I know back at the young age of 17 there are so many aspects of moving.  First you have to find the right apartment or home. If you are like me, you will probably look at multiple apartments before you fall in love with the perfect place.

Now that I am a parent I would first want to check out the neighborhood that I prefer to live in before up rooting my children simply because I love the new house or apartment! It’s important to check out the crime rate, the access to town trash removal, what the town allows and doesn’t allow such as the requirement of fencing, no in ground pools, etc. Some towns have strict ordinances in place, others are more lenient.

Prior to signing a lease  you really should read the complete lease, even if that means you will have to tell the potential landlord to wait a few moments or a few days. One must be certain they are not signing into a law abiding contract that they will not be able to uphold. Some terms of a lease to pay attention to are whether you can break the lease with advanced notice, or if you are allowed or not allowed to have pets.  Some lease terms may also state very clearly that you are unable to have a trampoline, and this could be a deal breaker for a parent who has children who love trampolines. Just saying, there are many things to discuss and get in writing about renting a new home or apartment.

The last time I moved, I was buying my first home. Rentals lead to home buyers later in life, be sure to keep lease agreements and stick to the rules in order to keep your credit file clean. What do you research prior to moving? Are there any make or break it type rules that may deter you from renting a  place?

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  1. Melissa Austin (12 comments) says:

    We are just getting out of a horrible renting situation and into our own home. When looking at a rental situation, you really need to research the property management company. It was only after we moved in here that we discovered how dirty ours was.

    Definately the area that it is located in. i have 4 kids, I dont want them in a bad neighborhood.

    After going thru the mold thing here for 2 years, I would definately request maintence records and an inspection for mold…

    Also, before renting, know your landlord/tenant laws. Those laws are what is making it possible for us to bail with no legal ramifications.

  2. Laurie (58 comments) says:

    I first lived on my own at 18, and you’re right – it was a real wake up call to learn about renting and choosing a place to live. When my husband and I bought our first home we still didn’t make the best choices, but now thankfully we live in a great neighborhood in a house we are very content in!
    .-= Laurie´s last blog ..Step by Step Daycare Dropoff =-.

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