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thumbsupIt’s now 2010 and we are in the first week of the New Year. What are some tasks you are completing to get ready for a productive start to the new year? Are you possibly looking to place yourself in a good position for brands? Maybe you are revamping your business website to put yourself ahead of your competitors? Whatever your plans are, it’s essential you have the right tools to get your profession goals moving forward in a positive direction.

Email Signature This is the first and most important part of getting your name out there to every possible prospect. Think about how many emails you sound out a day and how a great email signature could make you rise above your competitors?  I found a great Firefox add on called Wise Stamp after seeing my friend Jessica use it in her email signature I had to get it! It’s a free add on and works with most email accounts.  I have the following elements in my new signature, Happily Blended blog feed, Twiter profile, Facebook Profile, Skype username and my Amazon Affiliate link.  Now I could go on and add additional items into my signature but I feel the five items I have included are sufficient and have provided a way for others to reach me pretty much anywhere and anytime virtually.

Twitter and Facebook Tips What you are not on Twitter or Facebook yet? OR maybe you are on them but have no clue how they can benefit your business or brand? What you need is some guidance and let it be known I am a social media queen, I love networking and must admit I am rather addicted to both Facebook and Twitter. The best way to be seen on these two social media services is to interact, interact, interact.  If you only have 10 minutes a day to use on these services, please take those 10 minutes and make them the most productive 10 minutes you give! Be sure to respond to no less than five Twitter and Facebook feeds daily, find a status update or a quote that someone has shared and comment with your opinion or give kudos for a special accomplishment someone has mentioned in their status update. It’s all about positive interactions and eventually those positive interactions, even if only 10 minutes a day, will turn into potential clients of the future, friends of the future or better yet someone who will be ready to share who you are with their virtual friends! It’s a give/give and win/win situation! You give your positive time to others, they give their time to you and in the long run they win a new friend and so do you!

Blog Promotion Whether your blog is an extension of your business website or your main form of online interactions, you must promote your content! Some services I use are TwitterFeed, Facebook Networked Blogs, Ning groups that allow you to feed your RSS into your profile, or you can also write content as a contributor or editor on another site. Most sites allow you to link back to your blog through your profile page or within the post you wrote, be sure to check rules of each group or website you are applying on so that you are certain to not get removed for not complying with their terms of service. Guest blogging is another great way to get your blog and your writing style known to many. This year I plan to guest blog for The Work At Home Woman as well as guest blog at other Mom blogs.

Good Luck as you work towards a positive professional start in 2010! Any questions? Need some assistance? Brandy is a professional virtual assistant who is happy to assist you in reaching your goals!

Make it a Happy Day!

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    thanks for the great advice i usually post my blog posts on facebook and twitter but not sure how often to post it on twitter any advice?

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