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I have tried out many ways to make money from home, as of right now my main focus is my blogs and my virtual assistant business, but I have tried paid surveys before and made some good money with them. It all depends upon the site that is asking you to take surveys and how much time you put forth towards searching for surveys to take.

Paid surveys are often overlooked as a potential way to really earn any money from home, but reality is many companies want to pay consumers to take part in surveys because it’s how they get their feedback on their products and services.

I am currently a member of a home panel survey club where I get to complete surveys and earn points. The points in turn will turn into products I get to “purchase” with my points. Although this is not something everyone wants, most that are looking into paid survey options are trying to bring in extra income to their home.

My advice to you is that you research the options, make sure you can commit a specific amount of hours into the paid surveys and in turn you will be able to make some extra income for your household. If you are cautious, as are most of us, then use my friend Google Search to find out about that particular company, but be certain to know the source. The Internet is famous for having false information out there because one person felt the company was in the wrong when in reality they probably were, although that’s not an honest thing to do, people do it.

Overall I think if you enjoy surveys and have the time to spend taking them then you could potentially bring in some extra revenue on the side for your home doing this type of work.

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