As family’s are trying to cut costs everywhere they can they find themselves looking to cut television subscription services. Did you know that Direct Satellite TV offers better rates than most cable companies? It’s true, most cable companies you have to pay for extra channels, I am uncertain exactly how many total I channels I have using cable, but I do know I pay over $10 extra each month to keep a few important channels.

I have been looking into Direct TV as an option for my television subscription services because I always see their commercials offering great rates for over 100 channels, the price is just so much better than my cable company. The packages offered fit any family style from children shows to the sports enthusiast.

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The perfect television subscription plan for myself would include a children’s show package that includes PBS Sprout if possible as well as the history channel, discovery channel, headline news and my local ABC station so that I can catch the news in addition to being able to keep up with Lost when it comes back on February 2nd.

Do you have cable or did you see the better cost in Satellite Directv and make the switch?

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  2. Nancy M. (67 comments) Reply

    We used to have Dish Network and I think it was cheaper than the cable we had. However, we downgraded that and now only have the free antenna tv.
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  3. Jen (98 comments) Reply

    We had Dish Network for a while and still do at our cabin where cable is not yet available. The problem with Dish Network is that you have to commit to a 2 year contract and often getting out of it is expensive. Currently there are several class action law suits against these companies because there are so many hidden fees. I much prefer cable.
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  4. Kristinia (2 comments) Reply

    I just cancelled my cable, digital cable, and just kept my high speed internet. Paying about $50 for the internet and I also have Netflix (6) DVDs at a time which also enables Instant Queue, that I can watch on my computer or my Xbox 360. With the 360 you need a Xbox live account, monthly/yearly plan . I got the yearly since its only $50. I find most programming my children were watching just through Netflix onto the tv! Works for me and saves a whole lot more money!
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