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Do you ever walk around a mall and just window shop? I do it all the time, but from the comfort of my own home,  seriously, I will go from site to site searching for items that I need, want or find interesting. Today I happened to be doing some online window shopping and happened upon a site that sold asics sneakers, which are the same sneakers I wore as a cheerleader. Oh they brought back memories of a time when  my arms were toned and my body was fitter than it is currently.

Another product that I so wanted to check out was a bedroom vanity because my bedroom is currently the only place I get to have alone time and how cool would it be to sit and place make up on everyday like a movie star in front of your own mirror? I used to have a bedroom vanity but somewhere along the lines of moving a million times it wore out and had to be thrown away.

The last product I came across were teva flip flops, did you ever own a pair of these? I did, and they were my favorite flip flops of all time. I have yet to actually run across a pair of these in any local stores so thought it was pretty cool to happen upon them online. It’s Winter in New Hampshire right now so I am honestly not going to be purchasing any flip flops, but hey that’s why they call it window shopping, right?!

Overall online window shopping has been pretty fun for me, although there are days when I see items I so could use and can’t afford which makes me a little depressed but only for a moment! Have you ever online window shopped? If yes, do you search for expensive items that only celebrities can afford or do you search for more realistic items that you want or need? If no, you should start, it can be quite fun when you are a bored because you never know what type of products you will find online!

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Written by brandyellen

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  2. Nancy M. (67 comments)

    I am always looking up things online. Mostly things I want but can’t afford yet. A lot of times I comparison shop online, so much easier than going to a store.
    .-= Nancy M.´s last blog ..We’re Going Places =-.

  3. Heather (68 comments)

    On my blog through Jan 31st you can enter a contest to win a free microdermabrasion set— so if y’all want to stop window shopping (no chance of getting anything without buying) and start entering a contest (great chance of winning)…. hop on over! 🙂
    .-= Heather´s last blog ..Our FIRST blog giveaway! =-.