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Every once in a while I have time to spare which means I start surfing the web looking for something interesting. Earlier today I found out that many businesses are hiring offshore manufacturing in Mexico. I have heard of offshore manufacturing that usually goes across seas to other countries but call me naive, I didn’t think about the fact that it will obviously save companies money to hire manufacturers in Mexico.

I totally understand why businesses would want to outsource their manufacturing to other places because it saves on money, time and man power. Mexico manufacturing is obviously going to be more cost effective for the company overall and when you are a growing a business or falling behind in profits due to the economic situation it only makes sense to cut costs where you can.

This reminded me of all the families who are losing jobs everyday in our country, they have families to feed and houses to maintain. I know in my heart this whole economic crisis will turn around, it’s just a matter of keeping your head up, keep thinking positive and creative thinking will also help those who have lost a job become their own business owner. I became my own business owner back in March 2009 and haven’t been happier! With hard work, motivation and determination we will all get through this tough economic time, regardless of offshore manufacturing plants being hired.

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