Introductory Agency

Recently my friend Dwan aka @MommaDJane went over to London I believe and we have discussed the different words used over there. I can’t imagine trying to visit from America and hearing words used in a different context than you are used to. For example, if I were in the dating scene again I would call the online sites, dating sites, however I much prefer the term used in the UK,  introduction agencies.

Do you agree that the term introduction agency sounds more appealing than “dating site”? To think you will be introduced to the man of your dreams, or possibly your future spouse. Dating is all about introductions, the easiest and most effective way to try to meet Mister or Misses right is through an agency because they work hard to match you with personality as well as what you are attracted to in a physical sense.

Meeting the right person for you involves not only the person be attractive in your eyes but that your personalities are compatible with each other. Introduction agencies work use their professional service to match you with the perfect mate. I think it’s pretty neat!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, but the story and thoughts are that of my own.

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