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When I first purchased my home in 2005 I bought it as a first time home thinking that by now I would either have sold it or done some home remodeling. Needless to say it is now 2010 and with the market the way it is I would never be able to sell the home, let alone walk away from it without losing money or owing money.

Today I sit here thinking about all the items I want to fix with my house and cosmetic renovations I would love to make such as replacing the vinyl siding from the current ugly yellow color to a new prettier color such as a shade of blue. Vinyl siding is alright, however, the yellow has just got to go! I think a blue would work to make my home look more presentable from the outside.

Another area of my home that I really think about during Summer time is replacement windows, the ones currently installed are so old and brittle that I swear they are probably original 1945  windows. I have to use a stick to prop the windows open which means I can’t open up the windows within reach of little fingers (AJ & Baby K). Hopefully this Summer I will be able to replace my windows with more up to date  ones.

So if you could do any renovation with your home I wonder what you would do? I personally would love to just build a completely new home back on my property a bit more so that each child could have their own room and we could have a family entertainment room, that would be living in style!

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Written by brandyellen

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