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I haven’t had health insurance since my husband quit his job back in August and it sucks! I miss being able to go to the doctors for my little aches and pains to simply pay a small co-pay, now in order to see a doctor I have to pay near $100 because most places are no longer offering “sliding fee scales”. That stinks!

I used to work for a health insurance broker and often would be able to look up individual quotes for health insurance through various companies. The individual rates were high, but some were actually affordable. Recently I started seriously thinking about the fact that I no longer have health insurance and really wanted to start looking for ways to have individual coverage either through my sole proprietorship or through an individual plan. I came across a site called United Health One Reviews and see that they offer health insurance quotes for children and individuals.

Have you ever thought about getting an individual plan? I am in New Hampshire and the last time I checked individual health insurance rates they were super high because I am a smoker.  I have quit off and on for years, I even quit for 9 weeks back not that long ago, but most plans require you to be a non-smoker for a longer period of time before giving a non-smoker rate. This smoker versus non-smoker rate is one of the biggest challenges I face when searching for affordable health insurance rates.

Do you have an individual plan? Have you looked into rates for yourself or your family? What are some challenges you face when searching for the right plan?

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  1. Nancy M. (69 comments) says:

    I haven’t had insurance since I lost my job 2 years ago. I guess I am lucky since I found a doctor with sliding fee scale rates. I know I still would be better off with insurance if only I could afford it.

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