What a Day!

I went out last night with my sister and boy was that fun!! Now I need to remind you that my sister and I rarely get together because we rarely get along, without getting into any details as to exactly how bad our relationship has been at times, I will just keep it as we are like night and day! I decided to get her out of Mom’s house because it’s nice to get out and I needed to get away from my house too, so we went off and hung out with a couple of our friends.

My sister is a riot, that girl can make me laugh so hard! I call my sister Jenni, but be forewarned, there are very few people who can get away with calling her that and if you call her that when she is in a bad, bad mood, well you just may get knocked out! Seriously. About 11pm or so I was getting anxious to get home because I am a mother who always gets woken up like clock work around 1:30am by Baby K and around 7am both boys are awake for the day. Well my sister had other plans, that girl wasn’t having an early night out, and why should she, she’s a single adult female who loves to have a good time and doesn’t have kids to go home to.

Me being the gullible person I am agrees to stay out later only because my sister said she would sleep over my house and get up with the boys in the morning, well needless to say we were out until 2am and she ended up wanting to go back to our Mom’s because she can sleep there better. We leave it at the fact that she will set the alarm for 7am and come over to stay with the boys so I can sleep, work, or whatever I need to do.

Welcome Friday morning, 7am … boys are awake, Mama is exhausted and well no word from Jenni. At some point I sent her a message on Facebook and eventually she wrote back to apologize and told me how crappy she was feeling. Honestly, I wasn’t mad at all because I knew in my heart she meant well but there was no way that girl was getting to my house at 7am to watch two crazy nephews after a great night out … so tis the life of a Mom … I had an off day and am still trying to get my brain to function properly!

What did you do last night?

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