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I am so excited to get this going, I signed up to participate in a series called Blog The Weight Away that I heard about over at 4BabyAndMom, a blog I visit often.  We have been compiled into groups so that we can all help keep each other motivated, and I am excited to be a part of the Blue Team, my team is looking to lose a total of 170lbs (that’s between three of us).

I have to share with you some stats, but really I am not measuring my inches as I had hoped because I lost my tape measure I used before so once I find it I will be happy to share inches. For now I am 5’6″ and at 201lbs, two weeks ago the scale hit 211 and I was devastated, I haven’t ever been over 200lbs unless I was pregnant.

After having my first born child I breastfed for 9 months which helped me lose 20lbs almost instantly after giving birth to her. I was down to 170 at the lowest point before having my sons. In 2006 and then in 2008 both in August my two sons were born, which means my body took a hit badly. I have been working on getting fit and losing the mid section for a while now but in the past few months I have finally become motivated. In addition to daily exercise and watching what I eat, I am taking the Activia Challenge to help get my body functions back on track to ensure a positive year in my weight loss journey.

Here is my before picture taken over the weekend of January 16, 2010, sorry I wasn’t all that dressed up it was a BUM day for Mama:

Before - BrandyI have always been told that my legs are small, but my chest is really large and my mid section of course has some extra weight on it from giving birth two times in two years. I wish I could find a bra that would fit me, because that would really help to lift them and make my appearance be more flattering. I am currently shoving my chest into a DDD which is NOT my correct cup size.  I have yet to find a store that carries a larger than DDD in a 38 or 40 sizing, if I want to go over DDD then they are at 42 or 44 which is NOT the size I can comfortable fit into unless I want my bra to fall off all day long.

It seems I can’t win but as I blog the weight away I am hoping, just hoping some of my weight is lost in my chest allowing me to actually shop at Walmart again for cheap bras! LOL

Sorry to be so candid but if we are all to gain motivation and stay positive in reaching our weight loss goals than honesty and accountability must be part of the equation!

Anyways … here are the teams, so be sure to stop by to wish them all luck too:

The Green Team:
Ilissa from
Stacey from
Reiza from
Goal weight loss as a team: 163

The Purple Team:
Stefany from
Toni from
Paula from
Goal weight loss as a team: 165

The Red Team:
Colleen from
MaryAnn from Momsjournel
Judy from youthfultips
Goal weight loss as a team: undetermined/ 30+

The Blue Team:
Brandy from
Hilary from
Lauren from
Goal weight loss as a team: 170

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  1. Best of luck! I am willing to bet you will lose a significant amount in your chest. It always seems like one of the first things to go when I lose weight, which I welcome!!

    Just keep plugging away at it, even if you gain one week don’t give up! I think doing it with friends is awesome, extra motivation!

  2. Lots of luck to you…I really think joining something weekly helps you stay committed. I bet through all of this you will find you will go down in the bra size…I think I have gone down a whole size, as my bras are baggy on me now…I need to get refitted, but as you said bras are so damn expensive that I hate buying them when I have ones that arent worn out lol.

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