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Need I remind everyone I am not a cold weather person? Don’t get me wrong I love the beautiful snow covered hills and the way the snow glitters while the sun beams on it. I just enjoy these lovely images from my house window!! I have lived in New Hampshire my whole life with the exception of some years in Vermont, either way I am a New Englander through and through. I would be lost anywhere else and I surely would miss the white Christmases, but some days especially in the middle of Winter while I watch the scale climb because I am quite simply lazy, I wish I lived in a warmer environment.

This year I get to go ice skating with the Girl Scouts, I get to slide down my back yard hill with the three munchkins and after freezing by butt of doing the good Mommy thing I will come inside to curl up in a cozy fleece blanket to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate with two of my three munchkins. My daughter loves Winter time, I think all kids do. I remember back in the day when my parents were still married and my father made this really cool sled ride we called “the roller coaster” and yes it made my mom a nervous wreck!

Here’s the picture, one adult, two children on a sled roaring down a hill that is actually a snow mobile trail heading towards a river, yup, that was my Dad for ya, he always knew how to have fun! If he did that with my young ones I probably would be a nervous wreck like my mother was back then! Oh but it was fun! The trees stopped us before we went tumbling over the edge, something about Dad’s and their sense of adventure makes a kid smile forever and a Mom cringe!

So as we head further into the Winter months here in New Hampshire I find myself gaining weight, even though I have started exercising daily and drinking more water or mainly Crystal Light. I stepped on the scale the other night to find I gained 4lbs, ugh! The scale is certainly not my best friend this time of the year! Don’t mind me if I simply disappear for a day or two at a time, you won’t hear from me on Twitter or Facebook more than a couple of times, because I am off hiding under my fleece blanket being a big ol’ baby over this lovely season we call Winter in New England.

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Written by brandyellen

Brandy is a NH Mama who desires to share her stories as a means to inspire others to live life fully, learn from their mistakes and move forward. When Brandy isn't rambling, she is off on adventures to experience life to the fullest in New England. Author, with her daughter, of Positive Girl - The Power of Your Thoughts Question about this post or something found within it? Read my Disclosure Policy as well as Terms of Use.

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  2. Penelope (100 comments)

    I don’t like winter at all! (though now that my son was born during a cold month, I need to get over that)

    Maybe you gained muscle weight or water weight from all the exercise and water?