Top 10: Silly Must Have Items

Here is my brilliant top 10 list of items some would love to have …

  1. Robotic Coffee Maker – what better way to wake up every morning with two in diapers and one that has to get ready for school than to have a robot that can make your coffee for you?!
  2. Mommy Helper – what better way to get your work done in a day than to have someone who can come in, take care of your kids, change their diapers, play with them and even clean your house?!
  3. SmartVacuum – this would be a wonderful device that instantly knew when a child through their lunch all over the floor and would happily go clean it up without any questions asked.
  4. Voice to Text – this would be a software program and portable device unit that would allow a person to speak their blog posts and instantly post as a draft to their blog platform for later review.
  5. Know What You Want Robot – this would be the perfect product for someone who is uncertain of what decision is best, this would take into account your average feelings through out the month and calculate the resolution all on it’s own for you.
  6. Interpreter of Baby Babble – this would be so awesome for all those parents out there who wonder what their baby is saying to them, seriously sometimes I think Baby K is saying not so sweet things to his Mama when he doesn’t get his way!
  7. Learn To Pee Buddy – this device would be like a play doll but be great for boys or girls, making it the perfect partner for a parent who is trying to potty train a child, this learn to pee buddy would so do everything for you and all you would have to do is give your little one a big congrats hug!
  8. Automatic Diaper Changer – oh yeah, I am sure many around the world would love to see a device that can take off dirty diaper, wipe baby’s bum and then place a new diaper just so on the baby!
  9. Meant To Be Meter – this would be great for single people, you can easily place this almost invisible meter near the person and instantly find out if you two were meant to be or not, no more wasting time dating to have the relationship go no where.
  10. Creative Content Writer – this is when you are having a writer block and need to come up with creative content for your website or blog. This machine would automatically take into account a few keywords and create dazzling content for your website or blog.
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  1. I would like the robot coffee maker, the voice to text, cuz all of my ideas are at inopportune times & a mommy helper so I could stay lazy, but get stuff done. If you could gift wrap those for me, that would be fab! Thanks! ; )
    .-= Kim´s last blog ..Too Good To Be True =-.

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