Merry Christmas To Me

We did our normal Christmas Eve at my Dad’s this year, basically we go over and visit while eating lots of good munchies; grapes, kielbasa, cheese, crackers and more! Then if there are any presents to open we open them and give ours to my Dad, step-mom and step sister. This year was fun because the boys are more interactive and so AJ kept trying to punch Grampa and play around while Baby K was very bothered that one of Grampa’s cabinet doors doesn’t stay shut all the way. Baby K ventured out into the kitchen to steal his own  piece of cheese, or two, then ran over to the cupboard trying to close it and yelling at it because it seriously doesn’t stay closed tight. Silly Baby K!

My daughter was all about presents, kept asking where they were or if she could open presents and I explained to her to be patient! When the presents arrived she was very happy with a cute little stocking and inside a pretty necklace for the princess, she said her thank yous and has shown the necklace to all who venture in our home, because she loves it so much!

So after we were done at Grampa’s we headed back home so that my daughter could have dinner with her Dad Christmas Eve and I could wrap presents while she was gone.

Then about midnight it hit us … Baby K woke up sick as a dog at some point in the middle of the night and was up quite frequently throwing up off and on. He was so sick! Come Christmas morning, I got sick. I don’t know if it was from being up with Baby K all night or what, but I was so sick I couldn’t move and if I did move I ended up the bathroom. It was horrible and finally come Saturday  I was feeling better.

Luckily I was able to get out of bed to the couch long enough to see most of the presents be opened and my daughter got a Flip of her own, let me tell you, she is my little blogger for sure. She was telling everyone on the phone that she now has a Flip like Mama and has created some videos to put on her blog post for Mom’s blog. Can we say … Future Blogger Princess?! Adorable!

So that’s it for now, hopefully you all were not sick on Christmas day, it was horrible and I wouldn’t wish that upon anyone! Other than being sick it was a very Merry Christmas and I enjoyed being able to sleep all day since I was sick .. hey that’s always a good thing … catching up on some much needed sleep!

Make it a Happy Day!

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  2. Melissa Austin (12 comments) says:

    That same stomach bug went through my entire home a week before christmas. It started with Damien on a Saturday, Aidan 7am monday morning, Morgan noon monday afternoon, Steve Tuesday, me friday…somehow Noah did NOT get it.

    Glad you all are feeling better.

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