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So I had a friend ask me the other day about Sponge Bob, not sure how we got on the topic but we did. My response was that my children do not watch Sponge Bob, they watch PBS Sprout and other educational type channels. My friend replied, “oh you are one of ‘those’ moms huh?!”

What is that suppose to mean? LOL I wondered, so I asked and the response was that there is nothing wrong with it, my friend didn’t mean to offend me, thinks it’s great that I am such a great mom, but really I don’t let my kids watch Sponge Bob at all? I replied that occasionally they can watch Sponge Bob, I am not a total stickler about cartoons, but if my children are going to have their TV time I prefer it to be educational.

My two older children are 7 and 3, they love watching How It’s Made on I believe the Science Channel. They have learned so much from it and have fun telling all their friends and family members about the show. There is nothing wrong in my eyes of encouraging children to learn through a variety of resources and with technology advancing so rapidly we must try to keep the focus on education.

So I wonder, do you watch Sponge Bob Square-pants with your children or let them watch it? Why or why not? I let mine watch it on occasion, it’s just not something that you will find on our TV often, hey they do own the movie, which has lost itself in our house … darn 😉

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  1. We not only watch it with her, sometimes my hubby will watch it w/o her as well. I don’t go that far. It’s one of her shows that I don’t mind, bu I won’t watch it if she’s not around. It’s bad enough that I have an opinion on the characters. Patrick is mean…& dumb.
    .-= Kim´s last blog ..I Have an Interview! =-.

  2. I’m with you. When my kids were younger they mostly watched educational channels. Now that they are a little older (13 & 11) I gave in and unblocked the Disney channels. In some ways I wish I hadn’t. But they often choose to watch educational channels instead. The Science Channel, Animal Planet and Discovery Channels are big favorites. Oh, and we have the Sponge Bob movie too, and it’s amazing how lost it gets. Hmmm. Strange.
    .-= Rose´s last blog ..Homeschool Log Thursday 10/29/09 =-.

  3. I don’t mind if my kids watch shows with no educational content, since don’t believe tv is a very good way to learn anyway. Even PBS should be considered entertainment, rather than education. I wouldn’t give my kids carrot cake for dinner just because it has carrots in it, either. When I let them watch tv (30 minutes a day, if we have time), I do it with the understanding that it doesn’t have any real value except as recreation.

    OTOH, there is no SpongeBob in this house. We have a no-potty-humor policy, and SpongeBob is pretty crude. So are a lot of other “kid’s shows”, so we screen carefully before our kids watch.
    .-= Cindy´s last blog ..Movie Moments Giveaway =-.

  4. We don’t even have cable or satellite. But when we did, my son didn’t really care to watch TV at all. He wanted to play. On occasion, he goes with his big sister to her babysitting job and gets to watch Spongebob and other shows. And when he spends the night at my moms, he gets to watch PBS in the morning. I have seen the show and don’t really care for it. I actually like the educational kids programming on PBS and Noggin. I think they are cute. So if we ever get cable again, he’ll be allowed to watch that stuff. But as far as Spongebob goes…I just find it annoying and would prefer that my son does not watch it or anything like it. Just me though…I know that everyone is different.

  5. I’ve got 4 kids, ages 14, 11, 7, and 4. We are big time Spongebob fans and I will even watch him when the kids aren’t around. But that isn’t all we watch. We also watch Disney and PBS, they do have great educational shows. No, SB isn’t educational, but he is very entertaining, that is for sure. Since I have older kids and little ones, we mix it up.

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