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Are you on Twitter? Here are my feelings on Twitter; it’s addictive after a while but confusing at first. I became a tweeple back in December 2008 and boy was I confused, after signing up and setting up my profile and information I hardly did anything there. I couldn’t figure out how to use Twitter, and I couldn’t figure out what the point was behind “what are you doing?” in 140 characters or less.

I tell you it’s hard for a social queen like myself to talk in under 140 characters, but I do it and have since December. I have a following of over 8900, but it’s the interactions not the number that counts most. I have met so many wonderful people through Twitter, virtual assistant clients, friends, other bloggers, business people who I get to learn so much from and many new relationships have been formed.

I love using Twitter from my Blackberry, that’s the best and once I started using my blackberry I tested to applications UberTwitter and TwitterBerry. I must admit I do enjoy both of them. I am a HUGE video blogger and enjoy vlogging when I get a chance so UberTwitter made it easy for me to vlog from the road while TwitterBerry had the look and feel for my web browser Twitter version (a look I am used to working with).

There are many ways to make money through Twitter as well, but I wouldn’t personally be one to do sponsored tweets all day long as you will lose your following, thus losing the potential for income and true relations. I use two programs to earn money from Twitter and with less than 3 sponsored tweets here and there I have been able to make some decent money in a couple months time from those services. I would highly recommend TweetROI and Sponsored Tweets as those are two top paying ones for me without coming off too “spammy”.

I have been able to find many advantages to being on Twitter and if you are willing to just simply answer one question, What are you Doing?, in 140 characters or less through out the day … well then maybe you too can find advantages from being on Twitter.  By the way if you are on Twitter please remember to follow me @brandyellen

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