Was So Excited

I recently tried It Works and the ONLY reason I tested it out was because it came from a trusted source and of course I reviewed the product information prior to use!

I tried It Works wraps for your body on my tummy area and within 1 hour I had lost 4″. I was definitely shocked, because I figured hey we will give this product a try and if it works maybe I will sell it. Now I don’t have the funds to start up my own direct selling home business so I figured I would simply share this wonderful product that worked so well for me with you all.


Olivia is a long time friend and as a distributor for It Works she backed the product so much that she was willing to exchange a product for me to test prior to deciding if I would start selling. Now I may not be selling It Works wraps at this point in time, but some day I just might. In the meantime I invite you read more about what happened in my situation using only two It Works wraps for your body:

  • Lost 4″ in one hour.
  • 3″ stayed off for two weeks.
  • I fell off the band wagon due to hubs leaving job and everything so now haven’t used second wrap.

This is certainly a product you should try long term and definitely something to use if you are having trouble with any area on your body. It Works wraps worked for me, and I do exercise often as well as eat a balanced diet (usually). My problem area is the mid section, after having my first born the skin never went back to normal on my belly and after having two more children for a total of three babies, my fear was that belly was stretched out way too far to ever come back to the semi-firm state it was prior to having children.

It Works body applicator helped me get off some extra inches and I will continue to use this product until I finally sign on the be a distributor.

Fine Print: I received this product from the distributor as a way to sample the product and get my honest review/opinion about the product. This written review was not required but offered to the distributor personally by Brandy Ellen after the results were so impressive to her.

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  1. Considering I have had two children, I know what you are going through. No matter how much you work out (when you can find the time) and how well you eat, its hard to lose those extra inches. I trust your opinion and if you start selling, then I’m willing to try it. Just let me know.

  2. After having two c-sections I am not sure my belly will ever be flat again. I may have to look into the It Works wraps myself. Thanks for the info!

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