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Technology and family can certainly collide. It’s hard for parents to compete with technological advances while raising children. I personally don’t want a cell phone in the hands of my children, but as my children get older I realize it is going to be inevitable that they will end up with one of those nifty little cell phones or maybe a TracFone to start. Either way, as parents we can’t ignore the benefits of technological advances for both adults and children.

Let’s talk about my BlackBerry Tour for a moment, which I am going to call BB, why? Well because I certainly want to name my nifty new little friend but every tip I get is Brandy Berry and since I am not quite ready to commit to Brandy Berry I do like to refer to the BlackBerry as “BB”. I am able to connect no matter what I am doing. I can be at the park running around like a crazy Mama but still be “connected”. As an entrepreneur it’s important for me to stay connected no matter where I am at, because without my dear sweet BB I may miss out on that next client, or next opportunity to grow my websites.

My children love my new found friend, mostly my oldest, who at age six really wants her own cell phone to call me when she’s at Daddy’s and her Dad is on the phone. I a not comfortable with my six year old having a cell phone, I do know there will be a day and time when I feel it’s appropriate but at this time in her life – it is NOT something she needs.

My sweet BB has allowed me to tweet while I am at the playground watching my little men and little girl run like crazy away from me while I am attempting to get them into the vehicle to go home. BB has allowed me to vent no matter where I am or what I am doing. As a Mom without many local friends, the virtual world is where I go to meet and interact with like minds. I enjoy being able to connect with my virtual world any time and any where.

BB has not changed my family life other than the fact that when my husband is driving us on a long drive (I hate riding) I get to tweet, connect on Facebook, or talk on the phone with my business friends to work on deals or the next step in our plans. BB has certainly been a productive addition to our family.

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  1. I love my Tour too, although getting to emails on here and on the phone is daunting! I have like 1300 on there because I haven’t had time to delete them on there all week! I love the functionality of this phone! and the pics are AWESOME! I uploaded some to Facebook today from there! so easy!

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