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This month’s sponsor is The Monster on Top of the Bed, a book for children which is also a great gift idea (see link in sidebar sponsors area).


  • 36-page full-color children’s book that slides into a CD case, like band notes
  • Text is in English. Performances read in English, Spanish and Italian
  • Bonus audio books that are not illustrated
  • DVD-like bonus interviews with Illustrator and Author
  • Primary audience Ages 2-5. Secondary appeal up to age 12.

Why Karrit and Suzy Feel You Should Get Your Hands on The Monster on Top of the Bed

karrit “I’m Karrit, the “monster under the bed.” Once
I got up the nerve to make friends with Suzy,
we both learned that we never had to be afraid
of monsters again.” – Karrit


“I’m Suzy, ‘the monster on top of the bed.’ I’ll
never forget how I felt when I realized how
scared Karrit was of me. He thought I was a
monster.We got over that. Now we’re best
friends.” – Suzy


The Monster on Top of the Bed tells the heartwarming story of
a special bond that Suzy and Karrit forge when Karrit, who lives
far underneath Suzy’s bed, befriends Suzy.

This takes courage because Suzy has been jumping up and down
on the bed and eating strange things, like “dogs hot” (hot dogs),
“cakes made out of pans” (pancakes) and carrots (sounds like

The monster under the bed (Karrit) and the monster on top of the
bed (Suzy) make friends and neither of them is ever afraid of.

What My Family Thought:

This was a great book, not only did my 3 year old enjoy the colorful pictures but my 7 year old enjoyed reading this to her brother. I think this is a fantastic book to add to any teacher’s curriculum and a great bedtime read.

Where to buy and how much:

The Monster on Top of the Bed can be purchased directly from www.monbed.com and with multiple purchase options you are bound to find a choice within your budget.

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