With October Comes Happy Times

It’s nearing October and that means three things; Halloween, Ki’s birthday and my birthday. This year my sweet daughter will turn 7 years old and we will celebrate in a larger than normal party. I don’t mean larger by more presents and more food, rather that she will be able to invite any and all of her friends! In previous years my social queen has wanted to invite her whole class, but our home is way too small for that type of get together. This year I reserved a special place for her party which means the more the merrier. All the children will have room to run and play while the adults mingle and when everyone leaves. I hope to have some goody bags set up for the children and parents to enjoy on their way home.


With birthdays come smiles, laughter and tears. Smiles because it’s such a happy day knowing your oldest is turning a year old and a year smarter. Laughter because getting together for a few hours with many friends, family and children fills any room with laughter from silly gestures to just plain happy interactions! Tears because this is the year I realize I have been a Mom for seven years, life happens in the blink of an eye and tears of joy will certainly fall down my face while I watch my daughter mingle with her friends and have a blast! Tears of joy will flow down my face while I watch and realize she no longer needs me to hold her hand up the playground ladder, no longer needs me to catch her coming down the slide … she is older, independent and I swear she is smarter than me sometimes!

What a happy day this October birthday party will be, not only for me, but for our family as a whole. Looking forward to sharing my emotions during this wonderful month of October while my first born child turns a year older, a year smarter, and a year closer to being an adult.

Make it a Happy Day!

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  1. How sweet! You are so right about how quickly the time flies. My oldest turns 8 this November and it seems like only yesterday that I held her as in infant in my arms.

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