Losing It and New School Years Resolutions

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It’s another school year and my children are a year older! I have yet to bring my two youngest to school, but my oldest has been going for many years now. From preschool to a big second grader, oh how fast your children grow!

JuiceBox Jungle has a cute little video in my sidebar about “losing it”, are you a mom who loses her cool sometimes? OR Are you the mom who has in it control all the time? I always thought I was the Mom who loses it, especially since my two boys can certainly test Mama’s patience, but my oldest tends to differ.  I feel like I yell more than I should, but when out in public and another parent yells at their child my oldest states (in a very adult like voice) “Mom that mother should not be yelling at her kids. Doesn’t she know it’s not nice to yell at your kids?” I had to giggle, and respond “Well I yell sometimes sweetie, we are not perfect and sometimes if you are not listening I feel I have to raise my voice.” Her response, “Yeah but Mama you hardly ever yell at us.” From the mouths of babes, I guess I don’t lose my cool as often as I thought!

School starts for my area tomorrow and I must admit there are some new school year resolutions I have for myself and my oldest as the school year begins:

  • I will take the time to ask how Ki’s day went everyday no matter how busy the boys have had me.
  • I will teach Ki to respect the other children in her class and use her high level of knowledge as a way to teach others what they don’t know rather than teasing them.
  • I will sit with Ki alone while hubs watches the boys so that her and I can dedicate special home work time together.
  • I plan to join Girl Scouts with Ki as a way for Mother/Daughter time.

I have never been one to make resolutions so those are ideas that I can follow through with no matter what! (I hope) What resolutions would be on your New School Years Resolutions list?

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