Blog With Integrity

I had stumbled upon Blog With Integrity before but finally had the time to sit down, review it and sign up as well as place a button to their site on my blog sidebar.

I feel I have been blogging with integrity, my disclosure policy clearly states that I do receive products for review but I am giving my honest opinion about any products I review. I also may receive cash for advertising on my blog, and I may at times receive cash for blog posts, although that is not something I have yet to actually do.

My mission is simple, to blog about what I am passionate about and that may include product reviews if they pertain to my current topic.  I am a very honest person and so it’s only natural for my blog to be an open and honest place. Will I accept cash for ads on my sidebar? Of course. Will I accept cash to write a review of a product I have never tried? Not so sure I would do that but again my disclosure states I may do that. Will I write a positive review for a product I don’t feel is great quality? No way. I would prefer to pay to ship the item back than to write a positive review if I feel the product is not something I would recommend to my close friends.

I am honest, approachable and yes I am a blog with integrity. I invite you all to join the Blog with Integrity pledge, let’s keep it honest, open and fun!

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