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With finances being short and many losing their jobs, it may be hard to think positive thoughts.  Each day we work hard to support our family, whether you are a work at home professional or a machine shop worker, you work hard to make sure your family has food on the table and the bills are paid.  The economy is in a rough place and as we find the cost of living rising we also find the pay increases remaining the same if not lowering.  Of course I was not around during the depression but I have watched many shows interviewing those who survived the depression.

When there is added stress a person may turn ugly, bitter, and just plain angry at the world which in turn makes them angry at their family.  I am sure divorce rates rise during times of low finances, and this makes me so sad.  In my personal opinion, you are a family and families work hard to make it through. I don’t know about you, but when I said my vows “for better or for worse” I meant it! Don’t get me wrong there are days when I just want to walk away from my husband, tell him goodbye, cya later dude, but that would solve NOTHING.  If anything walking away from your family during a financial crisis would create more stress and depression.

When times get tough, the tough get going!! Yeah you heard me right, if you are facing sudden personal or financial situations that may be considered a crisis give your significant other an extra hug that day, grab your children and give them a big hug let them know how much you love them! Focus on what you have in life that is positive, look to your children, your supportive significant other, your mother, your father, whomever it is you know will be there for you – look to them for support!

You will get through today, the times are hard, but without family you may not make it. Family comes first, they are yours unconditionally, forever and always!

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Written by brandyellen

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  2. Cathy (3 comments)

    Great post! People “give up” on their marriages too easily these days. Very sad!