Featured Review: Honest Baby Tee Shirt

I was grateful to receive an Honest Baby tee shirt for Baby K. I have some video coverage of him wearing his cute shirt that says “I’m My Mom’s Job”, which I hope you will watch later on in this post.

Honest Baby tee’s are just so cute and oh so true! There is one that says “Not sleeping through the night” and yes that would have been perfect for AJ when he was a baby. That boy never slept and still rarely does (we are working on figuring out why with a lot of testing), anyways, I just love the tee shirts at Honest Baby, bright colors, choice for every baby boy or girl.

Honest Baby also has some great toys, not that I have yet been able to buy any but holiday time is coming! Enter code honesti and get FREE shipping, how cool is that? I love free shipping!

Honest Baby has more than just great products, they are a community where parents can share their own story of real parenting experiences, read blogs, articles and similar stories in a non-judgmental community. I will certainly be spending some time over there because I love a place that shows the “real parenting” side of things. Being a parent is not always easy and Honest Baby has made a great community where you can truly relate to others and let your baby wear a tee shirt that tells the world what they are thinking in an honest way.

So if you are a parent looking to show off your honest baby, why not get them a tee? Head on over and check out the community, shop and blog. Let me know what you think of the Honest Baby site.

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