My Sweet Pup Is Non Stop Shedding


Not sure if you knew, but a few months back we bought a black lab puppy, she is now nearing 7 months of age and is such a sweetie BUT her shedding is non stop, with a baby who is constantly crawling on the floor this makes for a busy mama who must vacuum often. I love my puppy but her shedding is out of this world uncontrollable and as a Mom of two in diapers, vacuuming is not first on my list of things I want to do nor is it something I have time to do more than once a day.

I recently happened upon Dinovite’s website. Have you ever heard of them? I went to their site to look for a customized solution for my shedding puppy problem and the results state that my dear puppy may suffer from fairly common nutritional deficiencies. I must admit this result makes sense and re-affirms what my vet stated at my puppy’s last visit regarding her health and what type of food I should be feeding her.

I know you may say “retriever’s shed” or “dogs itch” etc etc, but did you know that it is NOT not healthy, no matter the breed for a dog to shed all year round nor should a dog itch all night long! Commercial dog food {which I am guilty of having bought} is cooked at extremely high temperatures which destroys many of the nutrients your dog needs to stay healthy. My vet also informed me that “commercial dog foods” also have meat based products, not real meat, and dogs require real meat in their diet to have a healthy coat and healthy life.

If you are in a situation like myself where your dog is constantly shedding, itching or so smelly you don’t even want to pet him or her, then I invite you to check out Dinovite solutions center. Not only do I truly believe their supplements will help your pup live a healthier, happier life BUT they stand behind their product with a 90 day guarantee!!

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  1. I have 2 dogs that are shedding their winter coats. They don’t shed heavily year round, but now that I know that it’s unhealthy to do so I’ll pay more attention to how much they shed. In the mean time, my Oreck vacuum is my best friend, which is kind of pathetic since I’m not thrilled about vacuuming either.
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  2. It IS true for Labradors – I breed them and yes, they leave hair all over the place all year ’round! They have a heavy shedding twice a year, and the rest of the year, well, they just leave hair here and there and everywhere! I recommend a Dyson Animal. Oh, and fear not, like I always say, “Black goes with everything!”

    As far as Dinovite goes – no, dogs shouldn’t itch or shed excessively all year ’round. I wouldn’t supplement a bad food, though, I’d feed a better one! Have you considered a raw diet or perhaps a grain-free food? Many times, skin and coat problems are from allergies, and the primary allergies in dogs are to wheat products (most doggie cookies have wheat flour as the first ingredient) and chicken.

    Hope that helps, and good luck with your pup!

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