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As part of my breastfeeding series, I was reviewing various products in hopes to find a great list of resources for Moms who will be or are currently nursing. When I happened up Nizo Wear I realized I just had to give their products a try. As a nursing mom of three children, the one problem I had was finding a nursing bra that was comfortable, stylish and allowed for easy nursing. Nizo Wear is exactly that; comfortable, stylish nursing bras for any Mom.

About Nizo Wear:

Inspired by real life experiences of the founder, Nicole Zoellner, who after becoming pregnant with her son decided that she would breastfeed her newborn child. Nicole was one of the many moms who found breastfeeding to be somewhat distressing at times, and darn right painful. After searching for some relief, Nicole found that there was little help out there for a nursing mom looking to get seme relief. The best advice Nicole found was to use warm compresses before and after nursing; well she just knew there had to be a better answer.

Nicole set out to find something practical for nursing moms, a way for them to enjoy the special bond breastfeeding allows for baby and mom, which is hard to enjoy when having painful breastfeeding experiences. Her design was patented and so Nizo Wear was born!

Why Nizo Wear Bras Are Different:

As stated above, nursing bras were the hardest part in breastfeeding my three children. They were non-supportive, uncomfortable and flimsy not to mention just down right unattractive looking. As a mom who is breastfeeding at times we may feel like our only role in the house is to be “mom” and we neglect our needs as well as our marraige needs. So Nizo Wear set out to find the perfect fabric and the prettiest look.

Read more about why Nizo Wear nursing bras are different.

I invite you to check out Nizo Wear today and if you can purchase one of their nursing bras. I found them to be comfortable, stlyish and practical for myself and hope you will too.

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