My Binder Is My Best Friend

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I have discussed organizing and some time management tips, but have I told you about my love for binders and how they will help keep you organized? My binders along with Avery big tab page dividers are what keeps my daily paperwork and contract details in order.

Binders can be every inexpensive and if you are lucky they can be free, no matter how much this binder costs you it will save you time. Every entrepreneur should have their own binder that contains daily forms, contracts and any FYI’s that are used on a regular basis.

After you have your binder you must get some page dividers, although I love Avery you can use any page dividers that suit your style and budget.

First step is to sort out the papers that were originally placed in your To-Do folder. Make sure you have enough page dividers, if not you can condense paperwork into similar topics until you have the time and money to buy more dividers.

Second step is to label each page divider, here are some ideas:

  • Contracts
  • FYI’s, Memos
  • Client Names
  • $$ Paid Out
  • $$ earned
  • Months {January, February, March, April…}

Third step is to place the appropriate paperwork within each page divider. Since I am a new business owner, I  like to keep track of my revenue on a monthly basis. I have a divider for each month where I keep a copy of all money coming into my business and then have a divider where I keep all expenses.

Fourth step is to keep this binder near your office desk so that you can reference it when needed.  This binder will be your daily resource “file” that is small enough to place beside your desk but big enough to store the most important papers that may require daily attention.

Do you have a binder for daily use, have you ever used it as I described above? What are some tips you have to lend others to help keep their daily paperwork and contracts in order but at an arms length?

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  1. I’ve actually started a unique (for the creative person maybe) way to organize myself. it’s only been in place for a few weeks and just kind of happened by accident. I have a notebook with lined paper in it and I just write down everything in it every day. That way everything seems to be in one place. I can transfer info off of it to other places, like things to do and when to do them to my calendar, or phone numbers, etc.

    artist victoria o’neill’s last blog post..WrapADoodles and La Leche League

  2. I have a binder too complete with paper for taking notes, a calendar for scheduling articles and I save every business card that I receive. In order to be successful you need to stay organized. Great tips!

    Cascia @ Healthy Moms’s last blog post..How to Tell if Your Cosmetics Have Expired

  3. Everything with me has become electronic lately which is great in some areas but I think next week I am going to actually WRITE down my To-Do lists and goals. I am going to create me a binder. Thx for the reminder and tip!

    MommaDJane’s last blog post..Happy Mother’s Day

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