Don’t End It … Mend It

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I had the pleasure to watch Marley And Me this weekend {gotta love OnDemand with Comcast}, although I will admit I have NOT watched the ending yet, hubby said it was super sad…we will see if I can bring myself to watch the very end later today!

For now, I would like to focus on a part where John, played by Owen Wilson, states to his friend Sebastian, played by Eric Dane, “You don’t end it, you mend it”.  John and Sebastian were walking and talking about how John’s wife, Jenny, played by Jennifer Aniston,  is really upset and hard to get along with since the birth of their second child.

I could seriously put myself in the place of Jenny and see how I often can be found over reacting to various situations, because let’s face it Moms, our job is TOUGH. Not to say being a Dad isnt’ tough, but Jenny goes from a working mom to a stay at home mom after she finds out she is going to have a second child. This is a situation that happens quite frequently, a Mom is due with her first, second or even third born child and comes to the realization that working their job is no longer what they wish to do. They wish to stay home and take part in every waking moment of their child’s life.

As a Dad, John, ends up taking on a job he is “not so happy” about because it’s a salary increase and with Jenny wishing to be a full time stay at home mom, it will help them get their dream home and allow Jenny to do what her heart desires as a mom.

Marley And Me isn’t all about Jenny wishing to be a stay at home mom or John taking on a job he doesn’t really care to have, it’s all about the joys and the sorrows that can happen when you are a “family”.

I found myself relating to both John and Jenny in this film. I am often the “Jenny” in my relationship – hubby comes home from work I am freaking out, sometimes just plain crying because the kids were so demanding and not so well behaved. There are other days where I feel like John, because I question whether or not this is where I want to be, but I always end up thinking just like John, “Don’t End it, mend it“.

A marriage is hard, but add three kids under the age of 7 and you have a crazy, stressful situation. This situation can take the most loving couple and test their love. It’s what you do with these “tests” that makes you or breaks you as a family. I choose to communicate with my husband and let him know when I need a break, tell him when I need some attention, let him know I am a person and not just a mom.

My advice to those who may be questioning leaving their “family life” for something that appears to be better or less stressful please really think hard, and long before taking action. You may find all you need is a little time for YOU, time to find yourself again, time to be a “person” … not just “mom” or “wife”. If you have a loving husband he will accept that you need to take some time to find YOU again, that you need to enlist in his help when he’s home so that you can get away from the children and have a mommy break.

So if you have not watched Marley And Me I would so recommend you rent it or buy today! I enjoyed watching it, and particularly loved that I could relate to the characters.

Make it a Happy Day!

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