Update on AJ

For those who have been keeping up with our middle child, AJ, here is an update. If you have not been keeping up here are the previous posts so that you can catch up:

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So we haven’t really been able to quite figure out AJ’s problem, but we have been able to get him to catch up on some much needed sleep. He now swallows a 3mg pill of Melatonin each night and in about an hour he is tuck snug in his toddler bed. Although I hate to give him anything to help him slow down, at least the Melatonin is all natural and safe from what I have heard.

AJ is still a bit crazy, hyperactive so to speak, but he is getting better. His behavior is hard to handle at times, then other times easier. He will have a happy go lucky, sweet boy day and the next day he can be an angry abusive boy. I am not sure what’s going on with him, it seems his behavior is worse somedays then better other days.

We had our first counseling appointment last night, and it’s a course we will be taking that teaches you how to deal with a non-compliant child. Our first “class” went pretty well. We have homework too! Basically what we are practicing this week, and need to continue to do is a practice referred to as appends. {at least I think that’s the correct word}

Here is how it goes – each day we need to take one 15 minute one on one time with AJ while he plays. During this playtime we are to be enthusiastic about all his “okay” behavior and not a word about his “not okay” behavior.  We are like a positive radio announcer, announcing each move AJ makes, picking up a block, twirling a toy, smiling at us, etc. We are not allowed to give direction nor ask questions during this 15 minute time. If AJ does something that is “not okay” behavior we do not aknowledge this, we simply stop talking and sit, once “okay” behavior starts again, we immediatly within 5 seconds must start the positive responses. We can answer a question or interact if he asks us to, but other than that we are simply observing his okay behavior and announcing it for the WORLD to hear.

Since AJ is not always a happy, easy going boy, and usually is angry and hyperactive we enjoy times like in the video below and praise the kids so much for getting along so well…

Video created using muvee Reveal software.

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