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If one more thing goes wrong, I swear I will scream BUT I will say I am trying to think happy thoughts, as silly as it sounds – IT WORKS.

For example, termites may be eating my house … translate to a happy thought … at least they have not eaten our whole house or at least they have not eaten our “main part” of our house, and it is at a “fixable” point.

For some reason we have no money in our savings account, hence the reason for a “savings” {to save} yeah, well someone put me in charge of budgeting, what a silly idea. Translate this to a happy thought, we still have a little bit of time to sell some items so we can pay our electric and mortgage payments.

Oh and tonight was the kicker; hubby comes upstairs and informs me that our hot water tank is leaking. My jaw drops, and I respond “how bad?, like fixable leak or like come up with money out of the air to replace water heater leak?” Yeah it was the latter of the two questions. 🙁 Translate to a happy thought … at least we have water, there are so many who don’t.

Dad came in and saved the day though, bringing over his handy tools and valves so that we could shut off our hot water only instead of having to shut down our whole house. Yay – Dad saved the day! Oh and tomorrow he is coming back to replace our hot water tank … so nice to know that parents are there for you even when you are an adult. I do hope my children occasionally need me when they are adults.

So the moral to this rambling blog post, is that no matter what life throws at you, think a happy thought {yes just like Peter Pan} and good things will happen. 🙂

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  4. Petula (7 comments)

    You’re funny! However, I hope that everything works out because that’s a lot to deal with. Good luck with thinking the happy thoughts. I will give it a try too.

    Petula’s last blog post..The Noticer by Andy Andrews

  5. admin (15 comments)

    Thank you! Thinking happy thoughts is basically another way to remain optimistic! If you remain positive anything can and will happy in a positive way – I must admit it takes a lot of strength to be optimistic no matter what 😉

  6. ExtraordinaryMommy- Danielle (3 comments)

    Good for you for working so hard to keep your chin up – I try to do it too (counting your blessings, glass is half full!)

    Will think happy thoughts for you!

    Love the new diggs, BTW!

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