Friday Fragments: Yes TGIF

Friday Fragments?

Friday Fragments is a weekly wrap up of tidbits from your week. I used to post on Friday Fragments, but decided to join in anytime I feel I did a lot during the week.  This week I have accomplished a lot and have a lot going on – so felt it would be a good idea to join in with Half Past Kissin’ Time’s Friday Fragments!

My Dear Sweet AJ: Where to start?! He is no longer sleeping and it makes for a couple of tired parents. This week we saw a behavioral health lady who could inform us on a more personal level of ADHD – since she does have two children with ADHD. Lucky we sort of found out that it’s not our fault AJ is the way he is, that ADHD is caused by lack of blood flow to your frontal lobe and that caffeine usually has the opposite effect on children with ADHD than non-ADHD children {coffee AJ?}.  Structure, consistency and strict routines should allow AJ to thrive without meds. {they don’t med a child of his age anyways}

Remodeling: We have been busy remodeling to allow for our two older children to have their own room. This is highly due to my oldest being a girl and the other two being boys, as well as the other ADHD type issue with AJ. He needs space away from his sister and she needs to have a place to get away from him as well.

Breastfeeding Weekend Series: I have been doing a breastfeeding series every weekend and am excited so many are sharing their personal stories as well as businesses allowing me to complete product reviews. I feel accomplished as I am half way through the series and get to create a free e-book with the articles and product reviews.

VA Business: I have been able to schedule my work day and family day in a way that has allowed me to utilize the time I have for completing clients work. Exciting that I have finally mastered keeping a schedule!

Thank you for reading, go over to Half Past Kissin’ Time to read more Friday Fragments!

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  1. Thanks Yaya! Yes it’s exciting to finally have a good schedule in place. My sister was helping me, now I am in the search for another family member to come help while I work, but if not I can work nights too!

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