I Love Twitter and You Should Too

I have only been a member on Twitter a month or possibly two, but I will tell you I have meet a large number of influential, friendly, helpful people. When I first signed up on twitter I honestly thought I would never go back. My friend @MommaDJane seemed to have great luck and often talked about many people she met through this social media/microblogging site. I decided if she recommended the site then it must be a great place to be!

Twitter is a great place to network with bloggers, moms, dads, co-workers, marketing gurus, and other very fantastic people. The best way to have good twitter karma is to follow back those who follow you. Just be certain to visit their profile before following them to ensure that they don’t seem sketchy, as with all social media sites there are people who get on there to ruin everyone’s good time.

Twitter can take some getting used to, with all the @replies and DM’s and hashtags {#} it can be a lot to take in. If you sign up and have a question you can certainly ask, most people are willing to help guide you through how to use this site. If you are the type of person who prefers to do it yourself, then I have the guide for you. I am selling a twitter tutor and tips ebook for those who wish to learn the ropes themselves as they take the plunge into twitterville.

If you would like a copy of my Twitter Tutor and Tips guide please contact me today! I was going to charge $5 each, but honestly I am here to HELP SUPPORT MOMS, not charge them for something that will only take a minute of my time to send over!

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