Fear of Flying

I decided to tell all of you about my fear of flying, now you may wonder WHY. Well the answer is simple, as a mommy blogger there are a lot of conferences such as blissdom which is one going on right now in Nashville, TN at Hotel Preston. I am very jealous but excited at the same time that a lot of my mommy blogging friends are there! Some of my friends that are there are JessicaKnows and MommaDJane.

I have heard there is a BlogHer conference as well sometime this year, which again I will NOT be attending not because of lack of funds {that certainly falls into play} but because of my fear of flying. All I can think about is the Alanis Morrisette’s song where she talks about “isn’t it ironic” one of her verses talks about someone who was afraid of flying and when they got on the plane for the first time it crashed or something like that. YES I am petrified of flying!

My husband assures me the chances of me getting hurt in an airplane are slimmer than my chances of being hurt out on the road in a vehicle. I still feel that IF something were to happen in my car at least I am on the ground and have a “chance” of surviving but if I am in the plane and something happens – well you know what the outcome more than likely would be.

I do not know why I have this fear, maybe it’s because I have lived a sheltered life here in my small NH home in a country setting and very rarely ever travelled as a child. We drove to FL one year and although it took us 21 hours, I was happy that we drove there rather than flew.

Now there is another conference I am hearing about, BlogHer Conference ’09. I really wish I could go but not only does it cost A LOT of money but again I am in NH and this will be held in Chicago – again I am AFRAID TO FLY.

So although I wish I could proudly where the badge, saying I would be there in “real life”:

I will not be going, due mainly to the fact that I am scared of flying! Honestly I would LOVE to drive to one of these conferences but that is just not feasible in my current family life situation. I hope all that are at BlissDom and those that will be at BlogHer will keep me posted via blog or vlog posts. I look forward to talking to MommaDJane when she comes back from BlissDom.

Signing off for now, and going to find a way to get passed my fear of flying within a year so I can travel more,

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  1. I wish you could make it to BlogHer but either way I know I will meet you one day! Missing you while I’m at BlissDom, wish you were here!

  2. More and more, I’m wondering how I’m going to be able to afford it, too! For me, though, it’s only a three hour drive. Sorry I won’t get to meet you!

    Thanks for checking in and sending your new address. Love your new digs! 🙂

  3. I have always wanted to go to some of the conferences I hear about, but they are always pretty far away. Fear of flying does not play a factor with me (except if I have to bring the kids *cringe*). Mostly I can never attend because of funds. Plane tickets are expensive, and now so is gas. A few times though, when gas prices were cheaper we had planned trips to a few of the conferences and they would have been doable. I grew up moving a lot and driving A LOT more. I never actually flew anywhere until I was 19, and even though it was a horrendous experience because I was alone and then trapped in the Chicago Airport due to a blizzard, I still flew again (a couple of times).

    I’m sorry you have this fear that is hindering you, but you can always find ways around it if your financial situation can allow. Good luck, and don’t feel bad. You are not alone.

  4. I feel your pain! I haven’t flown since 1991-I used to fly all the time..I never had any bad flights, so there’s no reason I all of a sudden got this fear! I had to go to a hypnotist once just to be able to fly back home. I truly believe you’re safer in a plane than you are driving, yet I still can’t get the nerve up to fly! I need to make that a goal…get on a plane!

  5. Don’t you worry girl. Flying can be scary, especially with all that happened on 9/11. I have been nervous about flying since then. I am also very jealous of my friends who are at Blissdom, but I am sure they will come home with lots of great stuff to share with those of us unable to go. Thanks so much for your honesty and sharing with us!


  6. Aha! Now I understand why, you are not able to participate in TBTS ’09! Brandy, I had no idea. Here is how I got over my fear! I joined the travel industry *lol*. Yes! I also, was afraid to fly. I drove everywhere! CA, FL, TX all the way from NJ. I can’t tell you any other way to get over it other than just do it! PRAY all the way!! DH is right you are safer in the air, than on ground. I hope that God bless you & your family, so that you can afford to attend events. Attend the big events, that’s where the real networking begins. Sorry, that I heard about Blissdom ’09 too late, maybe next year we’ll meet there! Let me know how/if I can help. Looking forward to meeting you at TBTS ’09 bring the family! Drive or Fly! Hope that you decide to fly:-)

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