Recipe For Relaxation

I know you all work hard during the week, when the weekend comes you just want to relax. I have the perfect recipe for relaxation that I use at least once a month.

First you will need the following items from my website under the category of body:

Renew Your Soul Bath Soak

Emerge Bath Loofah

Start Clean Body Lather

Out on a Limb Body Lotion

Next start a nice warm bath and place a little bit of Renew Your Soul Bath Soak into the tub while it’s filling. Get yourself some candles, I recommend the 10 oz Lavender & Chamomile Aroma Gold candles on my website. Light a couple candles, put off the lights and soak yourself in this relaxing bath.

You may use the body lather and Emerge loofah to wash your body while relaxing, but can also save it for your next shower.

When you step out of your relaxing bath your skin will be silky and smooth. Dry your body off and apply Out on a Limb Body Lotion to help retain your skins silky and smooth qualities.

Take advantage of this recipe for relaxation anytime you can! Also there is FREE shipping on my website until January 15th so what a great time to get these products so that you can enjoy my recipe for relaxation without paying shipping! Simply enter code FREE15JAN until January 15th for no shipping charges!

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  1. Love the names of your products! Personally, the name says lots about a product, because while I use it I will often think of it.

    I used to use a loofah in high school, and I’m not sure why I ever stopped. I should definitely head on over and get me one from your website.

  2. Hey I’ve never heard of this company! They look awesome.. now wouldn’t it be cool if we could get a whiff over the internet..?!

    I loved your comment on MomItForward.. 400+people daily? WOW and WOW!


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